Choose your barbecue!


Triumph of elegance and style, the result of all-Italian creativity and originality.


Perfect blend of innovation and design in the barbecue industry.


For those who have little space but do not want to give up a refined product.


Cooking with a smoky flavor.


Perfect cooking for any kind of fish.

An oven disguised as a barbecue!

Innovative heat maintenance and storage system

Thanks to the S.M.A.C. system, the path that the air takes before reaching the fuel allows heat to spread evenly along the entire diameter of the firing tank.

With the use of the lid, the barbecue transforms into an oven with high and consistent performance, without temperature drops thus generating heat suitable for baking pizzas and bread.

Low consumption of charcoal

You can save even up to 50 percent in fuel.

360-degree cooking

Multiple people can cook without the risk of getting in the way.

Made in Italy

All the materials used to build Chotto's are entirely Made in Italy!


Make anything anywhere, anytime!

Made of high-quality stainless steel, it is perfect for those on the go, whether camping, boating or picnicking outdoors. COBB is your perfect kitchen companion!